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Te Maori e - Debut album 2001

A convoluted and complex attack on vocal harmonies with sweet lyrics...Toni Huata breaths family history, land loves, language, identity, heart loves" - New Zealand Musician 2001

Co-Produced by Toni and Flax Wax studios, Te Maori e is a 16 track album of compositions, a smooth mix of jazz, dub, jungle, flamenco, classical, poi and traditional.
Described by one critic as "a visual and aural delight", Te Māori e features the cream of New Zealand musicians and was the first album ever launched as a theatrical show in the stunning Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa Tongarewa.
This multi media event was supported by an ensemble of 16 traditional Māori dancers, story tellers, musicians and fashion designers. The album and show is a tribute to the strength and positive Māori spirit.


Album Track Listing

1. Te Okanga (To Pierce)

2. Te Māori e (Te Māori Exhibition 1986)

3. Tōku Reo (My Voice)

4. Hauora (Breath of life)

5. Whakarongo ki te Karere (Listen to the message)

6. Papatūānuku (Earth Mother)

7. Tū Tahi tāua (We stand together)

8. He Tohu (Tis a sign)

9. Whakahokia ki te Wairua (Bring back to the soul)

10. Ko Wai Ka Hua (Who would have thought)

11. Te Manotau (The Millennium)

12. Tū Mai Rā (Arise, daughters)

13. Ko Koe Anake (You only)

14. Ngā Mate o te tau (A year of bereavements)

15. Oho Mai Koe (Arise my spirit)

16. Te Manotau (Dance mix)