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Kahungunu Maranga - Toni's 6th Album and home favourite!


KAHUNGUNU MARANGA (2017 8 track CD - 2016 3 track EP) Toni Huata has nailed what is good in
music. Sing what you know, blend it in with the right instruments and harmonies, but most importantly,
when you sing from your roots your message transcends beyond what you could ever imagine”. The
warmth of each song lifts any negativity from the air. The title track
Kahungunu Maranga is originally
credited to have been written by Huata’s grandfather. Odes to tipuna, whānau and iwi. Each song firmly
holds the roots of these pillars in the jazz-country-swing styled writing. Different to other albums of
Huata’s as she explores tradition in this smaller set as opposed to her often more vast creations. A light
refreshing that celebrates history and reminds us of how important it is to keep tradition and culture as
precious memories and never forget them.
NZ Musician Magazine. Reviewed by Holly Mc George