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TOMOKIA - Chart topping album for Toni Huata



TOMOKIA (2014) Dance, Dub, World, Soul. 'Tomokia' is Toni Huata's fifth album, another chart topper
and her second in the dub/electronica genre, made in collaboration with celebrated Piha
musician/producer Paddy Free of Pitch Black fame. According to Paddy, Toni Huata has always been
adventurous in exploring new styles and genres of music - "which is testament to her huge vocal skills in
soul, R'n'B, pop, haka … you name it, she can sing it! "On the new album, she branches out into
everything from dance-pop and moody, deep dub tracks through to ambient 'tone poems', strum-along
ballads and feel-good reggae. If the last album was a new direction, then this one furthers that
exploration along many diverse paths." 'Tomokia' represents accomplishment, completion and bravery
with the concept originating from an ancestral proverb: 'E rere e te huata hopukia, e rere e te manuka
ODE Records